Tonight I get to share with you the previews from Autumn and Joes wedding this Saturday at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens! I had shot a wedding the day before and learned my lesson, summer time is here and it is HOT. Thankfully the groomsmen didn’t have coats otherwise the poor fellas woulda been just drenched. We got off to a late start, there was apparently some trouble with the limo service which caused the bride to not get dropped off till 20 minutes before the ceremony and the guys not get get there till 5 minutes AFTER it was supposed to start! Silly limo.

This is one of the reasons I always ask for the cell number of the DJ, the best man, and the maid of honor. When I couldn’t find where they were, I was in communication with both groups to get etas on when they’d get to the gardens. Once I realized “oh shoot, the wedding starts in 2 minutes and the guys aren’t even here yet!” I quickly messaged the DJ so he could make an announcement to everyone at the ceremony that we’d be starting late, otherwise they would been completely left in the dark. When the DJ and photographer are in sync, the day goes 1000 times better. 🙂

Since everything got held up and our picture time went from 2 full hours to less than 30 minutes, some couples woulda freaked out and panicked. But Autumn and Joe remained calm and I was able to alter my own timeline and get them some beautiful shots despite the short window of time.

Green bay botanical gardens wedding pictures Green bay botanical gardens wedding pictures Green bay botanical gardens wedding pictures
They also did something rather unique, when we got to the Tundra Lodge for the wedding reception, instead of the normal hob knobbing with guest, they immediately did the grand march followed by the first dance and cake cutting. This was very respectful of the families who had to leave early as they still got to see the important moments without having to stay super late. Then came the food followed by more dancing!

Did I mention it was hot out? Once the sun was going down the the temperature was dropping, I took the lovely couple outside one last time for some spontaneous field pictures across the street. We made friends with a group of geese who were hanging out there and a few of them made it into the pictures! Congrats you guys, I hope your marriage is as wonderful as my own! 🙂

Green bay botanical gardens wedding pictures  Green bay botanical gardens wedding pictures