Pretty much everyone says this, but fall is my favorite time of year. The changing of colors, the changing temperatures and wind patterns, there’s just something about it that’s energizing. Part of my personality is loving to always do new things so with Tony and Kelsey, I took them somewhere special. A little ways south of Green Bay there’s a great spot for engagement pictures, there’s an amazing stair step river that is at the perfect height this time of year so boom it was the perfect choice! Well, shooting on a basketball court woulda been pretty cool too but I’m sure long term the rustic setting will make more sense haha. Enjoy the previews you two, can’t wait to show ya the rest! 😀

So, how did you two meet?

Kelsey – “We met playing basketball at UW-Marinette. We became friends right away and didn’t start dating until 6 years later! How awesome is it that both of our passion is playing ball and that is how we met. If that’s not destiny I’m not sure what is!”

How did he pop the question?

Kelsey – “Tony planned an awesome “free throw contest” at one of the UW-Marinette basketball half time games. I entered my name in a contest (blind folded free throw contest) and of course my name got called to shoot the free throws. After my second free throw I took off my blind fold and Tony was standing right in front of me! He said “I met you here, it only felt right.” Then got on one knee. It was fabulous!! He also got my brother who was playing ball at UW-Marinette at the time, my parents, sister, old basketball coach, and the news paper in on it 🙂 He did good.”

Did you find a store that had everything you were looking for?

Kelsey – “NO! I couldn’t make up my mind and Tony was just a long for the ride. All Tony cared about was getting one shot with his favorite suit. We both have different tastes and getting outfits that matched was not easy!! I think we did good coming together and agreeing on our outfits.”

What's one piece of advice you would give to other couples planning thier engagement pictures?

Kelsey – “Don’t be nervous! We were nervous because we both never had professional pictures done before. CJ knows what he is doing and took care of us! Don’t stress about it, enjoy it!”

How was your experience during your session?

Kelsey – “We had a great time! Our experience with CJ was awesome. He made us feel very comfortable and important. We are so glad we chose him for our photographer!” (awe, thanks guys!)