You know how every once in a while at your job something special happens? Like for a month ahead of time you’ll be looking forward to pizza day? Well this was my pizza day, I finally got to do the first set of destination engagement pictures with my little bro. Well YOUNGER bro would be more accurate at this point haha.

Our afternoon started with a planned trip to the beach. Seemed like a great idea but with the wind wiping up off the lake, it just made things difficult so we adapted. After finding a quieter spot inland in a more forested area, we were able to settle down and create some magic!

Then it was off to Kohler! We went to the world famous Whistling Straits golf course, if you’re into PGA championship golf then you know it’s a really high end place. After a minor delay, Alex and Kelsey were dressed as classy as it gets and so we roamed around capturing the last bits of light before the sun set!

Boom, once we had that wrapped up, we decided to get some downtown Sheboygan engagement pictures! After hitting up a couple of pokestops (and catching a few magicarps) we got down to business of bringing the city to life. Between bouts of bystanders telling them “congratulations”, we walked all along the waterfront and had a blast doing so. It was all the pros of New York City but without the cons, like you know, crime and high taxes. :p

This last one was a quick request of my brother who wanted a shot flexing in front of the American flag while looking all epic. Well here you go bro, enjoy!