It’s fall and you know what that means, colors! With Dea and Clay we were originally going to go with a pure rustic look BUT at the last minute I suggested doing a combination with a mix of urban, and since Dea really likes the “fun” vibe, it of course was the perfect mesh of both worlds! Enjoy guys!

So! How did the two of you meet?

Dea – “Clay and I met way back in elementary school. He had a crush on me since the 1st grade but was never in with my friends circle so I didn’t really start to notice him until 8th grade when our groups started to mix more. By the time we hit high school, we all had the same friends and I started to notice him a little more. In Spanish class our Junior year, we had assigned seating by last name which put Clay and I as table partners. It was really this class that we started to learn more about each other, and that February, he asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest has been history and a lot of memories!”

How did Clay pop the question?

Dea – “I have a bit of wanderlust and was talking to Clay about taking a vacation together, just to get away for a long weekend. After seeing a lot of people post about New York recently, we decided to do a 4-day getaway to the Big Apple. Although it wasn’t his first choice, he made the best of it and asked what each of the days on our itinerary held as he wanted to plan a special date for us. I didn’t think anything of it and told him Saturday was our most free day as we were going to walk through Central Park and visit the American Natural Museum of History. That morning he wouldn’t tell me where we were going but said we had to be to a specific spot by 10am; he ended up having to spoil the plans and tell me what we were waiting for because I was starting to get antsy that we were missing walking through the park. Turns out Clay rented a horse-drawn carriage ride for us through Central Park! Once our tour got to Bow Bridge, he got down on on e knee at the bridge and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it as this was something you’d see in the movies! Naturally I cried, and cried even harder once I realized he hired an undercover photographer to capture the whole moment. Now I can look back at that special time over and over again to relive it – ugly cry faces and all.”

Let’s talk about locations. What location did you choose for your session? What did you think about the locations you used for your session?

“Initially when I started thinking about outfits, I thought about nature and woods. However, after talking with CJ, we decided to get a mix of both nature and the city. I think it was a perfect mix up and we were even able to snap a few photos by the water. The all-encompassing shoot was amazing and I’m glad we were able to use so many different settings.”

What kind of look were you going for in your photos?

Dea – “As a couple, we’re both very relaxed with our clothing. I don’t wear bold statement pieces as much as I do delicate items, and Clay prefers to feel outdoorsy and rugged. To replicate this in our photos, we wanted fun casual items that would let us feel comfortable and be ourselves.”

What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about prior to your session and what was the outcome?

Dea – “My fiancé wasn’t overly excited to do photos and can be awkward about it, but CJ assured him his job was easy. After a few shots, Clay started to loosen up and make fun of me stating, “See I’m doing a good job. He’s always critiquing you.” It made for a fun, lighthearted atmosphere that got both of us laughing.”

How was your experience during your session? Now that you’re a pro, what advice do you have for other brides planning their weddings?

Dea – “Phenomenal! We all worked as a team to come up with different shots and had a lot of fun doing so.”

“Have fun and be open-minded! CJ did a great job capturing different photos and allowing us to make suggestions that showed our romantic side towards each other.”