What a fun day! Due to circumstances beyond our mortal control, Sami Jo and Eric were left without a wedding photographer only 3 weeks before their wedding day… yep. They contacted me based on the recommendation of a mutual friend and thankfully I had their date open! On a rather short timeline we got all the details in place and I got ready for the big day. We went from Oshkosh up to Appleton back down to Oshkosh, there was a pig roast and a live band, perfect weather and an amazing sunset. Just another example of how a seeming misfortune can still work out for the best since we were able to create some amazing images not just with the two of them but with the entire wedding party! Enjoy!

When the two of you were planning the wedding together, what was the most fun part?

“We both knew that we wanted to do a pig roast so last summer we went around to different farmer markets/food truck rallies and tried several different BBQ trucks. Sami Jo’s brother had sent a picture of a trailer that advertised BarBQTopia and we found out where they would be located, tried them at the Green Bay farmers market and knew right away that would be the best BBQ! Everyone from the wedding is raving about the food! We also knew that we wanted a live band! So along with searching for the best BBQ we also went to different festival/county fairs to find the best band. Chicken Fest in Darboy, WI is where we found Star Six Nine and they did not disappoint!” (images of band below)

How was experience before the ceremony, were you nervous? Excited?

“More excited than nervous. A bit nervous about giving personal vows but just so excited to see Eric’s face when he saw me for the first time and see all our friends and family as I walked down the isle!”

Were there any unforeseen problems that arose on the wedding day and if so, how did you work around them?

“No problems that I was aware about on the day but a few came out after but our family did an awesome job making it all work!”

If you could go back and relive any one moment of the day, what would you go back to?

“The entire day! I don’t think I can pick on moment as the entire day was awesome! It all goes by so fast and is such a blur that I would go back and relive it again, just minus the planning :)”

Now that you’re a pro, what advice do you have for other brides planning their weddings?

“Just remember to take time and soak it all in with your husband. I would definitely recommend a first look! Also, when planning just remember it’s about what you both want not about what your guest want.”

Now that you’re a pro, what advice do you have for other brides planning their weddings?

“We did some shout outs above but overall we were so happy with all our vendors. Brighton Acres staff did such an awesome job making everything turn out perfect and their venue is beautiful and of course you, CJ. We can not thank you enough for last minute agreeing to do our photos. We haven’t even seen photos but we were both very happy with your ideas, they way you collected the group when needed and overall your excitement and professionalism. Also got alot of compliments from others at the wedding about how awesome they thought you were!! And with out our wedding party and family we would not have pulled off such a great day!!

Oh and a shout out to Laura at Violet Beauty Lounge and Jessica at Anagen Eleven for making look and feel beautiful!”