I could NOT hold off on posting these, I’m so excited! So two days ago I got to shoot the wedding for Katie and Luke and oh what a glorious day it was. After some fun getting ready shots at the hotel, we headed on over to get the wedding pictures at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh WI! I knew our time was limited so immediately after the ceremony we headed inside to get beautiful images with the woodworking and other fancy decor.Paine wedding oshkosh photographer

It turns out my fears were valid, the staff was friendly yet hovered over us every second and after about 20 minutes it became just too restrictive so I decided to head outside where we could actually have more freedom without so many people in the way. It was 94 and humid but despite the heat we were able to create some amazing images on the grounds!

Paine wedding oshkosh photographer (5 of 8)-3Paine wedding oshkosh photographerPaine wedding oshkosh photographerPaine wedding oshkosh photographer

Since it was a hot day, Luke and the other guys were just roasting in their suits so they took their Harley’s for a ride back to La Sures reception hall. I saw this puddle in the parking lot and quickly parked and ran over to the guys to have them follow me. Guess which image of the day will be Lukes favorite? 😉

Paine wedding oshkosh photographer motorcycles

And now for the coolest part (and why you need a photographer with good equipment!) The cool sunset was a sign of things to come, a massive storm was sweeping across Wisconsin and heading towards Oshkosh. I saw the radar on my phone (screenshot at the end) and ran to the dance floor to get Katie and Luke so we could get some shots with the storm clouds. We rushed outside right as the wind was picking up, I setup my lights in about ten second, and managed to get two shots before the storm hit and forced us back indoors. Sure, I coulda been content with what we had but I knew this storm would be a memorable part of their wedding day so boom, we got this!

Best oshkosh wedding photographer epic skiesScreenshot