Freshly back from their honeymoon in Jamaica, I asked Doug and Ashley to share some of their thoughts from the wedding day! Enjoy!

When the two of you were planning the wedding together, what was the most fun part?

“Doug definitely had fun picking out the flavors of the cake, and setting up the trolley for our bridal party to go on, I loved doing my centerpieces and decorating the reception hall! ”

How was experience before the ceremony, were you nervous? Excited?

“We were so nervous at first, but once I walked down the aisle and laid eyes on each other all the nerves went away, and it turned out to be such a beautiful and exciting time. ”

Were there any unforeseen problems that arose on the wedding day and if so, how did you work around them?

“The entire day went by so fast, some things didn’t go at the time that we expected but everything ended up working out just fine!”

If you could go back and relive any one moment of the day, what would you go back to?

“We both agree on when we said our vows to one another, also watching our two boys Aiden and Zayne and our niece Rylee walk down the aisle was such a special thing to us. ”

Now that you’re a pro, what advice do you have for other brides planning their weddings?

Time goes by so fast!! don’t worry about the little details about your wedding and just try to have the best time you can! Dance the night away with your close friends, family, and your new husband or wife! ”

Any shoutouts you want to give to any vendors or friends that helped you out in a special way?

-Cj “Resolution Photography”  (The best photographer EVER!) He was so amazing, not only is he so talented with taking photos, he is so much fun and has such a great personality! Doug is not a fan of taking pictures and he really made him feel comfortable and actually enjoyed taking pictures! Pictures last a lifetime and I am so happy that we chose CJ to make these memories last forever.
-Crazy Ray “Goin’ Platinum DJ Service” Ray is amazing, he plays all the music that makes you want to jump out there and dance away!
-Nate Lindbeck “Photobooth NV” Everyone had a lot of fun going in the photo booth!
-Lenny “Davisters Sunny Point Stables” Not many weddings have a horse carriage that will bring you around your reception area, We had so many compliments on how amazing and fun that was!
-Jennifer “Monzu Bakery” Most talented lady I know, she makes the most beautiful cakes and they taste even better! If you’re in the Green Bay area, you NEED to get your wedding cake from Monzu! Amazing!
Lastly, I Want to give a big shout out to Doug’s and my family, without them I don’t think our day could have been anymore perfect! Also, HUGE shout out to our bridal party- Jessica, Sierra, Caitlin, Colleen, Kylie, Kaitlyn, Tim, Jon, Chuck, Jason, Josh, and Mike! You all made our night so much fun and we love you all so much!!