I usually have a handful of weddings a year that I’m extra excited about and this was one of them. In addition to their amazing engagement pictures, we had the awesome opportunity to shoot wedding pictures at the Sepia Wedding Chapel as well as bridal party pictures at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens AND had the most perfect weather possible! I asked Dea and Clay to share some of their thoughts from the day as well, enjoy!

When the two of you were planning the wedding together, what was the most fun part?

Deanna – “I think it was when everything started coming together. When I first started planning I wasn’t sure how my whole vision would mix together but as we got further into the process, it was really fun to see how everything fit! Clay had to reassure me on several times throughout the process that everything would be OK…lol. ”

How was experience before the ceremony, were you nervous? Excited?

Deanna – “I didn’t expect to be nervous but it came in waves all morning. So much so that I couldn’t eat much without feeling sick! There was just so much excitement that day and I couldn’t believe that it was one of the biggest days of my life. After the first look photos were complete, I was a LOT calmer! I squealed “I’m getting married” a lot that day!”

Were there any unforeseen problems that arose on the wedding day and if so, how did you work around them?

Deanna – “I honestly don’t even know if something didn’t go well. Our weather was perfect, Icon salon went perfect, the timing went perfect, everything went perfect!”

If you could go back and relive any one moment of the day, what would you go back to?

Deanna – “I would go back to the ceremony itself in a heartbeat. I don’t even recall what our officiant was saying because I was only focused on my husband and the tears that were rolling down the whole time. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life and I’m so happy that piece is engraved into my memory.”

Now that you’re a pro, what advice do you have for other brides planning their weddings?

Deanna – “First, take your time and enjoy the process. When we first got engaged, I was too excited that I made quite a few decisions I would have changed if I would have waited longer. Second, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to on the wedding day. Trust me!”

Any shoutouts you want to give to any vendors or friends that helped you out in a special way?

Deanna – “Shoutout to our DJ for sure, DJ Big! He did an awesome job at getting everyone pumped up and I got SO many compliments throughout the night on him. Also to all of our other vendors: CJ & Rachel w/ Resolution Photography, Sepia Chapel, Riverside Ballroom, Nature’s Best Floral, and Rebecca’s Sweets Boutique! We couldn’t have had such a great day without everyone!”

Note from CJ: I HIGHLY suggest DJ Big as your wedding dj. I’ve shot more weddings than I can count over the years and he’s one of two DJs that I go out of my way to actually recommend. I am an audiophile (as I sit here listening to music on 600 dollar headphones) and DJ Big actually makes music sound GOOD. Anyone can just get mid grade speakers and make them loud and hurt your ears but this guy has a very high end setup and his uplighting makes my job much easier as a photographer. So definitely check him out!