What a wonderful day, a wedding shot out in the countryside of the UP, a classy reception down in Green Bay, perfect weather, what more could anyone hope for on a wedding day? Congrats Kelsey and Tony, I hope your first two weeks of marriage have been absolutely wonderful!

When the two of you were planning the wedding together, what was the most fun part?

Kelsey – “Cupcake and food tasting!!”
Tony – “For sure the food tasting!”

How was experience before the ceremony, were you nervous? Excited?

Kelsey – “when the first two carriages left and my dad and I were waiting for the last one to pick us up that is when everything hit me. I could hear by dad sobbing behind me and then my insides started freaking out. ”
Tony – “The night before I got super anxious. I was just ready for everything to happen, I kept picturing me standing across from Kelsey and telling myself, “don’t cry, don’t cry”.”

Were there any unforeseen problems that arose on the wedding day and if so, how did you work around them?

“No not really, we had a few mishaps and forgot a few things for the reception but nothing big enough to complain about. Everything went smoothly and the weather was hot but wonderful!”

If you could go back and relive any one moment of the day, what would you go back to?

Kelsey – “The ceremony when the horse and carriage brought my dad and I to the isle because it was everything I ever imagined. I wanted a princess wedding and that’s just what I got. With the horse drawn carriages, the white gazebo, and Tony standing at the end of the isle. Everything was perfect.”
Tony – “It’s so hard to pick one moment, I can name ten where I just felt as if everything I’ve done to this point in my life has brought me right here. It was exactly where I was suppose to be and what I was suppose to be doing. It was perfect no matter what happend.”

Now that you’re a pro, what advice do you have for other brides planning their weddings?

Kelsey – Do not stress about the little things! The day will be wonderful no matter what situations come your way. Appreciate the planning and have fun with your Fiance! Include your mom as much as possible. She will totally love that and it takes a lot of stress off of you! Splurge on a GOOD photographer. That is not a place to save money. Pictures will be there forever but a DJ or photobooth is there for the night 😉

Any shoutouts you want to give to any vendors or friends that helped you out in a special way?

Kelsey – Well yea duh shout out to CJ our wedding photographer! He spent a lot of time with us that day and put up with all of the drunkies in our wedding party and had a good attitude the entire time! He is great at what he does and we cannot wait to see all of our pictures!
Tony – I was super skeptical about paying for a really good photographer. But after our engagement pictures I started to think it was a good idea. Hands down after the wedding and everything CJ did I have to say having Resolution do our wedding was the best choice we could have made!