After shooting the engagement pictures for Owen and Natasha last year, I’ve been pretty pumped to see them again. We went out and took pictures at the very spot where they had their first kiss, and all throughout Owens family farm so I knew this day would be extra special for the two of them. We had to fight rain clouds all week leading up to the big day but thankfully had perfect weather exactly when it mattered most! I asked Owen and Natasha to share some of her thoughts from the day! Enjoy!

When the two of you were planning the wedding together, what was the most fun part?

Owen – “I loved the cake tasting and picking out the flavors and design of the cake! ”
 Natasha – “I loved all the little details like the decorations, etc.”

How was experience before the ceremony, were you nervous? Excited?

Owen – “I was nervous as all shit but excited at the same time.”
Natasha – “I was a ball of nerves and wanted to run down the aisle to Owen but my dad told me to take a deep breath and reminded me to walk slower.”

Were there any unforeseen problems that arose on the wedding day and if so, how did you work around them?

“Time flew by and we had to shift the timetable around a bit but it all worked out! ”

If you could go back and relive any one moment of the day, what would you go back to?

Owen – “I would go back to the moment when Natasha walk down the aisle.”
Natasha – “I would go back to the vows (Also seeing him tear up as I walked down the aisle was pretty adorable too!)”

Now that you’re a pro, what advice do you have for other brides planning their weddings?

“Things will go wrong or not how you had planned but that’s okay! Take a deep breath and remember all that truly matters is you are marrying the love of your life! ”

Any shoutouts you want to give to any vendors or friends that helped you out in a special way?

C.J. (photographer) – Amazing job he was the calm in the craziness and helped keep things on track! Absolutely stunning photographs!
Leroy and Dala(D.J.S)– Had a blast with all the games and a great night filled with music!
The Knock Shoppe (caterers)- Wonderful food and a gorgeous cake!
Friends and Family- Thank you so much for all of your support and helping out especially Sheena and Wally! Thank you for helping with the set up, take down, and everything in between!
Bridal Party- Zach, Korey, Eric, Josh, Jake, Gene, Forest, Autumn, Ashleigh, Bridget, Gwen, and a big thank you to Kendra! Without her help calming my nerves I don’t know if I would have been able to make it down the aisle!