Wedding investment details

Weddings start at 2,200 and all weddings receive an engagement session as a bonus gift (a $450 stand alone value!) Be sure to ask about custom packages and if you qualify for a seasonal discount!

All prices include taxes. 8 hour and longer commissions include myself and an associate photographer to second shoot as well as assist on your special day. On shorter commissions a second shooter can be added on for a flat $300. My second shooter is a full capable professional wedding photographer and this allows us to maximize our time by being in two places at once during key times. She’ll also be there help me move lights, fix your dress, re-position your hair, round up groomsmen who wander off, shine your shoes, or whatever other fun tasks we can dream up to make them do on your behalf. 😉

Answers to your questions!

So what is included?

Depending on the length of your day, it’ll include a bunch of things! The biggest thing is you get full resolution digital files and get to keep them. I do more than just photojournalist photography of capturing the moment. I’ll actively pull together families for the traditional pictures, get you and your new husband/wife posed in cool ways for pictures afterwards, and get the little details like the rings/table settings/decorations/ect. Then I go back to the studio and enhance your images on my professionally calibrated monitor, and yes, I can remove that blemish that pops up out of nowhere. It’s my job to make you look good and I’m quite good at it. 😉

What if I don't know how to pose? What do I do?
Pffft don’t worry about it. At all. I mean it. This what I DO. Most people don’t walk into an enchanted field, and pose themselves amazingly well just by pure magic. Sure, some people are just naturals when it comes to posing, which is awesome! But if things need a little bit of help then boom I’m there to save the day! Posing and lighting is what a professional photographer is for. I will make sure you’re lit properly and posed in the most flattering way for your body type and outfit. Worried that it’ll be raining/snowing/cloudy/sunny on your wedding day and you won’t get good pictures? Nonsense. A great picture requires great lighting which is why professionals like me bring our own lighting. I have multiple lights I bring to your shoot, so honestly it doesn’t matter what kinda weather we have, If the sun isn’t working I just overpower it with my strobes and boom, you get amazing images. Whatever weather we get, trust me, I’ve shot in worse. I’ll take care of ya.
You're located north of Green Bay, what if my wedding is far away?
Then I shall drive! Or fly. Or some combination of both. I’ve shot weddings out of state as well as internationally so I have no problem going to where the fun is. If you’re less than 3 hours away, you’re golden. If it’s longer than that I require a hotel- after all my family loves me very much and my kids would be quite sad if I died in a car crash at 2am driving back from Chicago. I also have special deals for out of state destination weddings so read down for more info on that!
I'm getting married in Florida! Can you come along? Please?
Well since you asked so nicely… yes! Destination weddings are totally something I love to do and you can bet I’ll be there. In fact I love them so much that you get a discount… I will shoot your wedding for free. That’s right. Free. In exchange for my travel expenses, you’ll get a completely custom wedding including a multi-day shoot and engagement session. “Multi-day? What does that mean?” Well, I’ll use a recent wedding as an example. The couple was getting married in Cancun on a Tuesday at sunset, so they flew me in Monday afternoon. It’s ALWAYS smart to be at least a full day early just in case there’s any flight delays or weather problems. I met up with the couple that night and we talked about possible locations and I had plenty of time to scout them all out. Then on the wedding day I was with the bride at the spa as she and the ladies got pampered, headed back by the guys in the afternoon, and got back with plenty of time before the ceremony. The next morning we had plans to take pictures along the beach right at sunrise (because the beach would be empty and private). Then I flew back home on Thursday since Wednesday was the alternate wedding date in case of rain. Destination weddings are a wonderful experience and I’m willing to do it for no profit because I found my passport and want to go to as many places as possible before I need to renew it. 😉
When you say digitals, you mean full resolution files?
Yep! I know there’s some places that shrink down your files before giving them to you and then tell ya “you can only print 8x10s or smaller.” I think that’s nonsense because I didn’t want to be restricted with my wedding images and neither do you. You will get the full resolution and retouched images along with a personal print release so you can print them anywhere and share them with anyone. Want to print some images through Shutterfly? Go right ahead. Want to share copies with your mom so she can put them on her ipad? Go nuts, my friend. Want to print out a bunch of 5x7s at Walgreens that look like total crap? Well, you can do that, too. It would make me sad to know these amazing professionally color calibrated images are going to be printed at the same place people buy off brand dish soap but hey, it’s totally your call! When you get your images I’ll be sure to make some recommendations on printing labs that do a better job haha!
What about wedding albums?
I offer several choices. Basic albums start at 500 and fine art albums at 1200. Many people ask for an album as wedding gift. Just have friends and family call my studio to purchase gift certificates that you can use however you’d like. Some couples wait till their one year anniversary to order and album, it’s totally your choice. I also offer a discount if you add the album to your package when you book your wedding.
But CJ, you're human! What if you get hit by a meteor and can't shoot my wedding??
Well if I do get hit by a meteor, hopefully I get some cool superpowers from it or something. But if something bad WERE to happen and I couldn’t make it, you would be protected by our contract. I’m paraphrasing, but basically, once I get your deposit I secure a backup photographer to cover me in the event I can’t make it. Think of them like a doctor being on call. If that meteor does hit me, you would be contacted with two options. Option 1: you say, “Well, my heart was set on CJ and if he can’t come then I’d just rather have a full refund.” Or option 2: “My goodness! Sorry CJ is broken but I STILL NEED A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!” In that case then my on-call photographer would show up and do an amazing job in my absence. If they charge a lower rate than I do, you would get refunded that amount. If they charge more, then I would cover the difference.

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